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The Shadows is a fantasy/fairytale story about ten year old Matthew, a lonely young boy who moves to the countryside to live with his mother and grandmother. When Matthew explores the ‘spiral’ in his grandmother’s garden (a strange structure built by his late grandfather) he discovers an entrance into the magical world of ‘the Shadows’ where he meets his new Shadow friends Yorrick and Alice and begins his great adventure. In this underground world it is Yorrick’s job to guard an ancient crown which is being hunted by the menacing treasure hunter Alexander and his evil mistress Eldren The Witch, the greatest enemy of the Shadows. As the Witch’s life force begins to dwindle and her desire for the return of her powerful crown intensifies, she sets her sights on poor Matthew who must do everything in his power to protect himself and his new friends.

The Shadows (2014)

The Shadows    

N/A 70 min DramaFantasy

IMDB: 6.4/10 9 votes


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Country: Ireland

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